Let’s Put hands together and build this ministry.

Due to the Natural disasters happened on 24/April 2020, our church was destroyed by a major storm with tornados and flooding, leaving our community without any church and household left standing. The Government of Uganda was forced to relocate the people who were currently living on Masolya Island to another Island known as Sagitu Island […]

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We aim to spread the word of our lord Jesus to the people leaving in...

Help us to train children how to serve Jesus in a good way.

  We are responsible for bringing back lost smiles to Orphans and other poor children in serving God by teaching and showing them Jesus love and how to serve him while they are still little children. Mat 19:14.

Food for widows and helpless

Here is the blessing of what you do,and when you sow your seed it will become more and bare much according to what you have done upon these people in during this disaster time at high risk of the above and related evils especially those who were affected by the flooding and a major storm […]

We Care About The Children

In the Name of Jesus Ministries trains primitive poor rural community families in food security, hygiene and sanitation. The families which will be found during the post-training follow-up support supervision, will be trained in doing various activities such as putting up a Katandaalo (structure made of wood for drying plates and other utensils and killing […]

Preaching to the Unsaved, teaching the Saved to Serve

We aim to spread the word of our lord Jesus to the people living in the islands of Uganda beginning with Sagitu Island in Mayuge District. We shall do this by preaching the gospel through the acts of Moses. This will help to shape the of God into the right path which our Lord Jesus […]

Our Church

Our church was destroyed by a tornadoes and a major storm and it was known as NHIBC before so now we are here trying gather together and lift up our hands by prayers and see what Jesus can do for this ministry at this new Island called sagittu Island, it looks like new but before […]

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